Recordable Story Books

Are these books available in stores?

Recordable Storybooks are available in bookstores, department stores, leading newsagents and card and gift stores around Australia and New Zealand.  Not all stores will carry all titles.

Is the recordable storybook safe to be used with pacemakers?

Yes. This book has been tested and will not emit radio waves that could affect a pacemaker.

Can the book go through airport security scanners without damaging the recording?

Yes. The permanent digital memory storage will not be affected by the X-rays used in airport security scanners.

Can pages be re-recorded to correct imperfect recordings?

Yes. Make sure the switch found inside the battery compartment is in UNLOCK mode, then turn to the page that you wish to re-record and press the REC button. For more guidance, follow the How to Record instructions.

The first and/or second pages do not record or play back properly. What should I do to correct the problem?

Try moving the book closer to a table lamp or other light fixture so that the light sensors (which are found inside the holes in each page) will be exposed to more direct light.

The second to last page does not record or play back properly. What should I do to correct the problem?

Move the book away from sunlight or other direct light. For best results, we recommend using the book indoors.

Will extended storage of the book with the batteries removed harm the recording?

The digital memory is permanent once the switch found inside the battery compartment is in the LOCK position, even when the batteries are removed for extended time periods. For extended storage, we recommend removing the batteries to avoid damaging the product in case the batteries were to leak.

Are the recordings archival quality?

When properly stored, the recordings should last several generations. Unfortunately, this product cannot be guaranteed as truly archival due to degradation of materials from exposure to environmental conditions.

The wrong page is played during either the recording or playback process. What should I do to correct the problem?

Make sure that the page on the right side lays flat against the book. Raising the page may cause the light sensors to malfunction due to the gap between the pages.

How long should the batteries last?

The batteries should last through approximately 500 page plays. If the book were to be left open for an extended period of time, the battery life would be approximately 9 months.

How do I open the battery compartment?

The batteries compartment has a small phillips head (cross-style) screw, so a phillips head screwdriver will be required to open it.

Troubleshooting Guide

During recording and/or playback, some pages do not work correctly:

The page sensors respond to light. We recommend changing your lighting conditions if you have trouble with recording or playback with only a few pages. In general terms move the book closer to a lamp or ceiling light fixture. For the best function, it is not recommended to use this product outdoors.

Only the first and/or second pages do not record or playback properly:

Move the book closer to a table lamp or overhead light fixture. So that the light sensors inside the holes in the page will be exposed by direct light.

Only the second to the last page does not record or playback properly:

Move the book away from sunlight or direct light from an intense spot light. The pages are not perfectly opaque and may be letting a small amount light through to the light sensor.

The wrong page is played during either record or playback:

Make sure that the page on the right side lays flat toward the back of the book. Raising the page may allow light to get into the light sensor through the gap between the pages.

When the button is pressed there is no sound, a squeal, or static sound:

Restart the electronics by opening the battery compartment, then remove and return one of the batteries. If this does not solve the problem then replace the batteries. Removing the batteries will not harm the recording.

Instructions for Use

The recordable storybook makes it easy for you to record each page of the story as you read aloud. The first page (after the title page) lets you not only write a note to your loved ones, but also record a special message just for them. The remaining pages let you record your voice while reading the story.

To get started, simply open the book and press REC to hear the pre-recorded prompts. They’ll guide you through the recording and playback process from start to finish. For more detailed guidance and instructions, please see below.


How to Record
1. Turn to the page you wish to record and press the REC button.
2. Wait for the prompt, then read clearly.
3. Press the STOP button when you have finished reading the page. Your recorded voice will play back automatically. If you are satisfied, turn the page to continue, or press the REC button again to rerecord your voice. You may stop the recording at any time by:
 • Pressing the STOP button. or • Turning the page. Your recording will be saved and you will hear the prompt for recording the next page.

As you record, if the maximum recording time has been reached, you will hear a tone/beep sound. In this case, to ensure you have enough time to record, you may want to practice reading through each page before beginning to record.

How to Save and Play Recording
1. When you’ve finished recording the entire book, save and protect the recordings by unscrewing the battery compartment and sliding the switch to LOCK position.
2. Simply turn the pages to hear the recorded voice.


§         Find a quiet place to record. For best results, lay the book flat about 12–18 inches away from you.

§         Make sure you’re recording in a well-lit area and the sensors aren’t covered. If the book isn’t working properly, try replacing the batteries.

§         For best results, do not use the recordable storybook in direct sunlight or under other intense direct light.

§         To reset and erase all recordings, unscrew the battery compartment and slide the switch to UNLOCK; press REC and STOP at the same time and hold for 4 seconds. This will erase all recorded audio! You will hear a tone to confirm that the recordings have been erased.

§         To preserve your recording, be sure that your book remains in the LOCKED switch position. (Switch may be found inside the battery compartment.)

§         To increase battery life, keep the book closed when not in use.

§         Requires three AAA batteries (included). To replace the batteries, use a small Phillips screwdriver to loosen the battery cover retainer screw. Follow polarity markings inside the battery compartment to insert new batteries.

§         Don’t worry—your recording will not be erased when you change the batteries.

§         Remove the batteries before storing for an extended period of time.

Store away from excessive heat and humidity and away from direct sunlight.

CAUTION: Replace 1.5V AAA-size batteries with zinc chloride R03, alkaline LR03, or equivalent. Do not mix old and new or different battery types.


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